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The Model T is our newestmost accessible dynamic rower ever. Fully modernized version of the original model S. Get the true rowing experience on land. Use it as your go-to machine to get and keep yourself in shape and improve your technique. It comes with a basic monitor function and the standard connectivity with our RP3 app.

This Rowing Simulator could be used to switch from any static rowing machine (with static row option). Stay in shape, spare your lower back with the Model T.


The Original Dynamic Rower

The RP3 is the first dynamic rowing machine in the world which simulates the rowing movement exactly as it is in a boat. Don’t just improve fitness and your force, also become a better rower! Get direct feedback with the RP3 app.

Olympic, elite rowers and many club rowers of all countries in the world are using it for their land based training. Prevent injuries and enjoy the great real rowing experience.

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